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Sarah K?ster sits at a white desk with one hand on a laptop and the other holding an A4 print of a black and white portrait. EDUCATION

How to make a photo portfolio: a step-by-step guide

Digital or print? Personal or commercial? There are many things to consider when building your first professional photography portfolio. Canon Ambassador Daniel Etter and photography student Sarah K?ster share their tips.

02 юни 2022
A man sits in a small inflatable boat inside a stunning cave lake, with bright green water and overhanging rocks. TRAVEL

What you need to succeed as a travel photographer

Ulla Lohmann talks about life as a travel and adventure photographer and the qualities, skills and kit needed to carve out a career in this competitive field.

02 юни 2022
A person in long white and cream robes and sandals stands between two large curving walls, which reach high into the sky above. TRAVEL

How to make money from travel photography

Three pro photographers discuss how a diverse portfolio and adaptable attitude help them make a living from travel photography.

01 юни 2022
A man wearing a sleeveless black top and matching bandana spins a basketball casually on the middle finger of his right hand. SPORTS & ACTION

Fast and furious: shooting streetball with the Canon 新万博体育_新万博体育官网- 【长期稳定】@5

Photographer and filmmaker Raisa Abal reveals how the Canon 新万博体育_新万博体育官网- 【长期稳定】@5's high-speed features enabled her to capture the non-stop energy of this popular urban sport.

31 май 2022
Creative colour: how Canon Log enhances filmmaking FILMMAKING

Creative colour: how Canon Log enhances filmmaking

Cinematographer Ivan D'Antonio describes how he uses Canon Log to get the best from his cameras, refine his footage and realise his personal vision.

27 май 2022
First shoot with the CN-E20-50mm T2.4 L F / FP FILMMAKING

First shoot with the CN-E20-50mm T2.4 L F / FP

DoP Ian Murray reflects on his time shooting with Canon's new high-end cinema lens, which he paired with the EOS C500 Mark II.

27 май 2022
A seated singer on the set of a music video receives instructions from the director. A woman in a short pink dress lies on a rug and another woman in a yellow top adjusts a glass.

Future filmmakers: making a name for yourself

From building a brand to embracing new technology, three young creatives explain how to carve out a career in film.

28 Jun 2021

pro-tam-tam-documentary-making-of-1-hub.jpg FILMMAKING

Spotlighting Italian sports and citizenship on the EOS C300 Mark II

For their powerful documentary about the Tam Tam basketball team, producer Francesca Tosarelli and director Mohamed Kenawi turned to Canon Cinema EOS.

26 май 2022
A buzzard, with its wings raised, prepares to take off from a branch. WILDLIFE

The best cameras and lenses for wildlife photography

Wildlife specialists Markus Varesvuo, Marina Cano and Dani Connor reveal their favourite kit for producing stunning images of the natural world.

24 май 2022
The 新万博体育_新万博体育官网- 【长期稳定】@7 and 新万博体育_新万博体育官网- 【长期稳定】@10 on a surface tiled in a bright blue and white chevron pattern. KIT

新万博体育_新万博体育官网- 【长期稳定】@7 or 新万博体育_新万博体育官网- 【长期稳定】@10: which is right for you?

Discover the key similarities and differences between the next-generation APS-C cameras in the mirrorless 新万博体育_新万博体育官网- 【长期稳定】@ System range.

24 май 2022
An Iberian lynx stands on an almost vertical branch, looking alertly towards the camera. The background greenery is out of focus. WILDLIFE

Photographing one of the world's most elusive cats

Discover how wildlife photographer Dani Connor used the Canon 新万博体育_新万博体育官网- 【长期稳定】@7 to capture the endangered Iberian lynx in its natural habitat.

24 май 2022
Canon's cinema lens range explained FILMMAKING

Canon's cinema lens range explained

Canon cine lenses are the culmination of 50 years of experience in cinema lens design. But which Cine Prime, Cine Zoom or Flex Zoom is right for you?

23 май 2022
A small black box with screws at the corners has a round bulge at the front, looking like an eyeball with a pupil in the middle. TECHNOLOGY

The inside story of Eye Control AF

Find out about the development of Canon's intuitive Eye Control autofocus system in the 新万博体育_新万博体育官网- 【长期稳定】@3, and how it is aiding photographers.

20 май 2022
Four photographers and filmmakers hold their Canon cameras, enjoying their work.

Shutter Stories: catch up on every episode

Canon's podcast delves deep into the art and business of photography. Subscribe now for new episodes fortnightly.

Subscribe to Shutter Stories

30 Mar 2020

Two smiling people sat at a table with a Canon 新万博体育_新万博体育官网- 【长期稳定】@6 on it. On the brick wall behind them are several framed black and white prints. PORTRAIT

Portrait photography tips

Experienced portrait and subculture photographer Horst Friedrichs shares his top tips with arts graduate Emma Bentley.

13 май 2022
Seeing is believing with the 新万博体育_新万博体育官网- 【长期稳定】@ System ARTICLE

Seeing is believing with the 新万博体育_新万博体育官网- 【长期稳定】@ System

Building on over three decades of EOS innovation, discover how Canon engineers have unlocked new levels of optical excellence with the 新万博体育_新万博体育官网- 【长期稳定】@ System.

06 май 2022
A dark silhouette of a tree against a white and pale blue sky. TECHNIQUES

Making art from digital technology

Valda Bailey reveals how the multiple exposure modes on the Canon 新万博体育_新万博体育官网- 【长期稳定】@5 help her create expressive images of the natural world.

05 май 2022
The magnificent horns of a stag can just be seen through shrouded white mist. WILDLIFE

Nature photography from a different perspective

Photographers Clement Kiragu, Dafna Tal and Michel d'Oultremont on forging a distinctive identity in the crowded wildlife and nature genre.

29 апр 2022
Two people study a page of fashion prints showing the same dark-haired model in a variety of outfits. FASHION

Concept to edit: how to plan and execute a fashion shoot

Canon Ambassador Evely Duis guides budding pro Killian Jouffroy through his first professional fashion shoot.

25 апр 2022
Four people sit at a round table, all leaning in to look at the Canon 新万博体育_新万博体育官网- 【长期稳定】@5 C that's sitting in the middle of the table. FILMMAKING

Tier Zero and the 新万博体育_新万博体育官网- 【长期稳定】@5 C

Discover how a Toronto-based creative agency is using Canon's smallest Cinema EOS camera to create innovative and inspiring content.

18 апр 2022
The craft behind the lens

The craft behind the lens

Get the lowdown on the history of Canon’s L-series lenses, the design of the new EF 85mm f/1.4L IS USM lens, and why top photographers rely on the range.

31 Jul 2017

Three glasses of a cranberry drink, filled with ice, fizz temptingly. FOOD

A feast for the eyes: five food photography trends

Food photographer Sid Ali shares his insights about shooting still and moving images guaranteed to leave viewers hungry for more.

15 апр 2022
Achieving the perfect black and white photo print PRINT

Achieving the perfect black and white photo print

How Canon developed innovative inks, papers and inkjet print technologies to deliver professional quality black and white photo prints.

11 апр 2022
An extreme close-up of the feathery white and black face of a bird of prey. TECHNOLOGY

Meet Canon's RF 800mm and RF 1200mm L-series lenses

Discover the remarkable innovations behind these super-compact, state-of-the-art super-telephotos.

31 март 2022
A young woman holds up printed A5 postcards featuring her profile and examples of her work. Behind her is a brick wall covered in framed black and white prints. STUDENT

Class of 2021: reigniting a student love for print

Discover how a personalised printed postcard pack has helped graduate Emma Bentley as she embarks on her career journey.

29 март 2022
A woman lies across a sofa with her hands draped above her head, a face mask pulled down to her chin. In the corner of the grey room is a small planted tree with bright orange flowers. STUDENT

Michele Spatari: from photography student to professional

News photographer Michele Spatari talks about the Canon Student Development Programme and how it kick-started his career.

28 март 2022
A Canon CR-N300 PTZ camera on a tripod, with a desk full of other AV equipment in the background. EDUCATION

Streaming lectures on PTZ cameras

IULM University of Milan shares how an automated, 4K multi-cam setup has transformed lockdown teaching and ushered in new business opportunities.

25 март 2022
Yann Arthus-Bertrand: the filming of Woman

Yann Arthus-Bertrand: the filming of Woman

Meet renowned filmmaker Yann Arthus-Bertrand and discover how his team carried out powerful interviews and met technical challenges on his documentary, Woman.

08 Mar 2019

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